Identification of Strategies for Studying Mathematics Textbooks among Senior Secondary School Students in Ife-East Local Government Area of Osun State

Efunwole G. O.(1),

(1) Department of Science and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Nigeria.
Corresponding Author


The study aimed at finding out the protocols of studying mathematics textbooks; behavior towards studying mathematics textbooks and strategies employed by students in studying mathematics textbooks. The study employed descriptive survey design. A total of thirty-six (36) randomly sampled students and fourteen (14) teachers were used for the study. Two validated research instruments: eighteen (18) item questionnaire titled “Teachers’ Questionnaire (TQ)”; and a twenty-two (22) item questionnaire titled “Students’ Questionnaire (SQ)” were used to collect the data. The data was analyzed using tables and percentages. Results revealed that 14 teachers (100%) subscribed to “teaching students how to study mathematics textbooks bring about lively interactions among students and effective independent study by students; thereby leading to better achievement in mathematics evaluation”. Few students do not know how to study mathematics textbook strategically because they neither take notes nor have the skill needed to study, since 21 (65.6%) of the student respondents do take note while studying; whereas 11 (34.4%) do not. Students do take mathematics study assignments as unique from other types of study, since 27 (84.4%) of the student respondents considered it unique; whereas 5 (15.6%) do not. Few students have not been able to imbibe studying behavior and strategy needed for mathematics textbooks, since 20 (62.5%) identified scanning as reading strategy but 12 (37.5) recognized it not. Based on the findings, it was recommended that study materials (textbooks, e-books, electronic boards, desktops in modern laboratories) on mathematics should be provided by school authorities and government; in-service training of teachers while more people should be encouraged to take-up teaching career in secondary school mathematics. Lastly, the time allocated to studying mathematics should be reviewed (increased).


Strategies, Studying Mathematics, Textbooks, Senior Secondary School Students.

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